Monday, August 1, 2011


Above: Promotional poster for the second NUDE IN event taking place the day before the Folsom Street Fair®.


Following the success of the first NUDE IN event on 7.30.11 and in response to numerous requests for another NUDE IN opportunity, a second 2011 NUDE IN has been scheduled for Saturday 9.24.11 at NOON, (the day before the Folsom Street Fair®).

Join a group of forward thinking public nudists and exhibitionists for this pre-Folsom, (aka Folsom Street Fair®), informal gathering. Just how many naked people can fit in the CASTRO COMMONS PLAZA? How long can we hang out before the COPS show up? What will you say if someone challenges your right to be NAKED? Make a statement for body freedom and acceptance, come get buck naked in public with us!

Remember your camera! Forget your inhibitions!

Group forms at Noon and plans to "hang out" until 2pm. Some participants may also walk around the neighborhood as a group during and/or following this timeframe.

The Castro Commons Plaza is located at the intersection of Market, Castro, and 17th Streets in San Francisco.


NUDE IN 9/24/11 event page on FaceBook®:

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  1. After watching the aggressive nudist during Stanley Robert's "People Behaving Badly" segment on KRON4 Wednesday evening, I believe that the poor attitudes of many the nudists in SF and the general lack of respect for other people's freedom to enjoy the public realm will eventually hurt your cause. My partner is a nudist and enjoys his freedom during hikes in nature, at home, and during vacations at nudist-friendly resorts. If I enjoyed Scat, should I be allowed to deficate on the street as your animal does? No. Your freedoms shouldn't abridge the freedoms of another. BTW, public nudity is still illegal in SF.