Saturday, May 18, 2013

Thong Parade Draws Nudist Crowd and Clothed Supporters

Above: Scantily clad men and women gather in Jane Warner Plaza for the first annual THONG PARADE.

Thong Parade Draws Nudist Crowd and Clothed Supporters

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The first annual THONG PARADE took place on Saturday, May 18, 2013, the day before the famous Bay to Breakers foot race event.  This date allowed race attendees from out-of-town to attend and show their support for body freedom.

The event began in JANE WARNER PLAZA at noon.  A group of about twenty-five scantily clad men and women gathered along with a crowd of clothed supporters.  The group “hung out” in the plaza to make a statement that body freedom is not dead just because of some gymnophobic ordinance.

All four plaintiffs in the nudity ban lawsuit were present, including activists Gypsy Taub, who brought a collection of pro-nudity signs for the crowd to carry; George Davis, who carried a sign advertising his candidacy for Supervisor of District Eight; Rusty Mills, who was busy handing out body freedom informational flyers; and Mitch Hightower, the organizer of the event.

The group had applied for a parade permit, which would have put the parade within the “blanket exemption” where nudity would have been legal.  Subsequent to submitting the parade permit application the group was stonewalled by the city and as a result no permit was issued.  While this made exposing your genitals illegal, it did not stop the pro-nudity group from spreading their message throughout the neighborhood.

And the neighborhood reacted.  A large group of clothed people also gathered in Jane Warner Plaza, many posing for pictures with the men and women wearing thongs or jock straps and little else.  As the group left the plaza for the parade along Castro Street, the crowd clapped and cheered the nudists.

The parade took the group up Castro Street to Eighteenth Street where they stopped at “Hibernia Beach” to celebrate the popular nudist hang out of the nineteen seventies.  The group then continued their trek around the Castro neighborhood, stopping at iconic locations including outside of Harvey’s restaurant and also at the Edge bar.

The group ended up in Harvey Milk Plaza under the Pride flag.  The crowd of nearly nude people garnished lots of attention and many clothed tourists and others took pictures of the afternoon spectacle while uniformed police officers on bicycles lurked nearby.

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Above: The THONG PARADE crosses at Castro and Eighteenth Streets.

Above: A cock sock with a printed message.

Above: The group stops for a break outside of the EDGE bar.

Above: At the end of the parade, the group poses for photos in HARVEY MILK PLAZA.


  1. I am in Vancouver, but I was with you in spirit.

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  3. Nice Images, I do support nudists...